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Validation of prior learning

What is validation of prior learning?

  • Validation of prior learning is an evaluation of skills and knowledge acquired through work-based learning.
  • Validation of prior learning can potentially shorten your study pathway.
  • On completion of the validation of prior learning, participants are offered the opportunity to enter an education programme and complete studies in their trade.
  • Education and career counsellors assist in study and career planning.
  • Qualification in a licensed trade is obtained by completing a journeyman's exam.

Validation of prior learning does not in any way undermine the requirements imposed by the national curriculum.

Admission requirements for validation of prior learning

  • 23 years of age and 3 years of work experience in a relevant trade. Work experience must be confirmed by providing public documents.

Further information can be obtained from Iðan's education and career counsellors.

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