Whisky Masterklass með Koray Kaan Özdemir

This masterclass, hosted by Koray Ozdemir, is more than just a tasting - it's a journey across continents focusing on the art of whisky aging. Discover how the choice of barrels influences the final character of whisky, transforming simple grains into complex spirits with distinct personalities.

Introducing Koray Özdemir, affectionately known in the whisky community as the "Whisky Monster." Originally from the vibrant culture of Turkey, Koray now calls the bustling city of Los Angeles his home. A true citizen of the world, his passion for whisky has turned him into an avid traveler, sharing and expanding his expertise across the globe.

Koray's expertise and passion for whisky were globally acknowledged in 2023 when he was honored as the World Whisky Brand Ambassador of the Year at Icons of Whisky both in the USA and globally. Besides hosting tastings and exploring new cultures, he also serves as a judge at the esteemed San Francisco World Spirit Competition and World Whisky Awards, and engages in various educational initiatives.

Koray's story is a testament to following one's passion. From the shores of Turkey to the global stage, he continues to inspire and educate others about the art and soul of whisky.

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